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November 2, 2002
Blockbuster Pavilion, Devore, California

A Christmas Card for
all my Warrior Friends

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These photos are my holiday greeting to each of you.

        Hi, I'm KarenZ, a proud member of the Toby Keith fan club and I wanted to share some of the photographs I shot when TK returned to Southern California on Saturday, November 2, unleashing the Easy Money Band and crew in Devore near San Bernardino.   This west coast triple header opened at the Thomas & Mack Arena in Las Vegas on the 1st of November, and wrapped in Bakersfield's Centennial Gardens on the 3rd.   To say that fans were ready for Unleashed is an understatement!

        After you view the photographs, please stop by and sign the guestbook.   Are you a Warrior?   Please be sure to let me know in your entry.   Also, check out the information for the DreamWorks Nashville DreamTeam further down this page to see how you can help promote your favorite DreamWorks Nashville recording artists.

        Please note: The images on this page were created from photos I shot at the Devore 2002 concert.   They are available to you for your personal and nonpublic use.   Links are welcome :)   If you would like to link to any of these images from your own website, please contact me via the mail slot below.


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Devore2 - Close up of Devore1
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        Preferred fan seating for the Saturday night show provided a great vantage point to enjoy TK and friends, Rascal Flatts and Paul Thorn. The location was excellent, and we were very fortunate to grab some closer shots when TK worked our side of the stage. I wish more of the pictures had come out, but it was a lot of fun working with the ones that did.

        I enjoyed the Saturday night Unleashed with a number of other Warriors, including Linda, Kim, Melissa, Dorena, Debbie, Wendy, Karen, Sandy, Pat and LeeAnne just to name a few. Some of us were fortunate to be able to see Unleashed in Las Vegas as well. Warriors traveled from near and far to see Toby & the Easy Money Band - Debbie from Maryland, Marsha from Maine and Mandy from England. Two Warriors actually completed the three night tour! Congratulations to Brigitte and Valeri.

        How good was the show?!? After my husband and I saw a dynamite performance on Friday night in Vegas my husband wondered how TK could do it all over again on Saturday and Sunday. One of the first questions he asked me on Sunday morning was: "Okay, how WAS it?" I smiled replying: "It was as good if not better than Vegas...actually, believe it or not, it WAS even better!" He smiled and just shook his head.

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